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Thanks to DealerRater. Call or visit our website at www. Working with Jerry was a great experience. He was clear and easy to work with. Walking in as a 23 year old I came in expecting to be ignored. Yet, I was treated with courtesy and respect as would any client looking to purchase a BMW. My experience went without any hitches and Jerry was always there to respond to any of my questions or concerns the minute I had them.

You can expect 28 MPG on the open road with all the comfort and luxury you could ask for.

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Come see us today and drive this home tonight! At Kuni BMW we take a tremendous amount of pride in the relationships we develop with our clients. Providing the best customer service experience possible is our highest priority. The philosophy at Kuni BMW has always been to hire the most dedicated, professional, and knowledgeable staff possible.

We invite you to to make your purchase of an Ultimate Driving Machine?? Sale price may include any or all applicable offers.

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What happens when a dealership loses sight of how loyal customers make them successful? They begin to trade their own honesty and integrity for a dollar. They lie about pricing information. They dupe and swindle. They change the rules when you are there. Was working with the sales team to upgrade and trade in my 3 series. Together we found a 4 series advertised online that matched my requirements and fit in my price range. They wanted me to come in, of course — so after doing my own research I called back and told them if they could do a little better on my trade-in I would agree to the terms.

I live over an hour away, so I fought through downtown Portland traffic dragging my teenage daughter with me on a Friday afternoon to finalize our deal and go home with a new 4 series. Needless to say I was pretty excited. Absolutely beautiful car. But I ended up walking away with my head down and once again disappointed in the lack of value a customer has to a car dealership.

After 2 more hours of negotiating my trade-in at the dealership and agreeing to finance terms, we shook hands and signed. Even though I knew I was being taken on my trade in, I felt the negotiations of the overall price were fair. The negotiated price of the 4 series was incorrect. They had advertised it falsely online and worked with me for 8 hours — this includes managers, sales reps, and finance team — without knowing.

I was appalled. I felt lied to and cheated.

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Follow their principles and maintain their integrity. Yet they chose the dishonest way out over a few dollars. Unbelievable and extremely sad to see how far a good dealership has fallen. I want everyone who reads this to understand that Kuni is no better than your local used car lot…perhaps less honest. At that time, I was happy with their customer service, both during the sale and post service appointments. They touted their record of being the best dealership in customer satisfaction, and I will admit, it did feel different than other dealerships I had been to.

And it should Like many customers in their loyalty program, I receive monthly emails about special promotions or discounts, rebates available for upgrades, etc. None of them caught my eye until recently. I proceeded to reach out about the possibility of upgrading to a newer vehicle to take advantage of their current sales and incentives. I had the sales rep send me some of the financial information, including the price, incentives, my trade in value, and financing options. It was all prepared and approved by their financial team.

I then started doing my due diligence - looking up pricing, shopping for loans, checking on the value of my trade-in, etc. Of course Scott Senkel wanted me to come in over an hour away for me and take a look at my trade it. I said I wouldn't come in unless I knew I was getting the car I was after and the right price. He assured me they had it, even grabbed the keys, and was holding it for me.

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I proceeded to drive in, printing out all of the information and gathering up the data I would need to trade my car in and step into a new one. I even had to drag my teenage daughter along who kept asking if she could have my old one. When I arrived, I was showed the car by my new sales rep Doug Herschbach - a beautiful ix - and they took a look at my vehicle to give it a proper trade in value.

Of course, it was very low, but this is a game we all have to play a bit with the dealer.

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After more negotiation, we were able to reach an agreement and we shook hands on the overall price and trade in. I also signed their offer sheet multiple times, with all of the pricing and details - including the VIN and Stock of the car I was purchasing. With the deal done in principle, I begin signing all the other paperwork, getting my credit approved, cleaning out my other car, and sitting around for a few hours waiting to drive my new car home. After nobody had come by in a while, I started to look around and I saw my salesperson walking back to me with his head down.

He was sad to inform me that they had made a mistake on the price of the car and cannot honor the agreement. He said the price I was given was for a different car and the advertised price of the one we agreed on in principle was actually a few thousand dollars higher.


Obviously my patience was wearing a bit thin and all of sudden they are changing the price of the car AFTER we had already negotiated, signed, and shook hands on the deal. I was stunned. The sales person asked me to come talk to his financial manager, Willie Higgins - who had prepared and approved this offer 8 hours prior and multiple times after I got there. I asked "Are you going to honor our deal or not?

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I think he wanted to do the right thing but was handcuffed by managers. He asked me to show him online where the car was advertised at that price. I did and to my surprise, they had updated the price while I was there! I was infuriated because now they were making me look like a liar about the price! How the heck is that even possible? Lucky for me, there was the original sales person Scott who saw it AND a web log that showed it was updated late in the day after our deal was struck.

With my honesty and sanity still intact, my sales person went back to Willie Higgins to try to get them to agree. After another 20 minutes of waiting, he came back shaking his head and again asked me to speak with his finance team. This time I gathered my things and agreed to walk over. At that point, I met Willie Higgins in person and he proceed to tell me they made a mistake with the price of the car.

An honest mistake he called it. After 8 hours and multiple people signing off on this, he says they did not advertise the correct price. I am not here to negotiate anymore. I am tired, frustrated, and dismayed at your lack of integrity. I turned and walked out, with Kuni BMW having forever lost a loyal customer. Greg was fantastic and Devon was able to work with me on pricing of the car. Great Car. We are excited to offer this BMW 3 Series.

You appreciate the finer things in life, the vehicle you drive should not be the exception. Style, performance, sophistication is in a class of its own with this stunning BMW 3 Series i. Everyone hates the gas pump. Skip a few gas stations with this super fuel efficient BMW3 Series. You've found the one you've been looking for.

Your dream car. We look forward to seeing you soon! Please call us for more information. Anh was great to work with. I had a great experience working with Kanchan Sedhai. Related Vehicles. All Mid-size vehicles by BMW. This month Featured Deals. Warranty Complete Term. Payment Details. Vancouver, BC. Markham, ON. Deal Special Perks.

Large Cash Incentive.

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All Main Coverages. Contract Ending Soon. Toronto, ON. Ottawa, ON. Featured Listing BMW. Hot Lease Takeover Deal. Large Down Payment. Good Buyout Opportunity. Richmond Hill, ON. Montreal, QC. We will show it to everyone. Phone: Catharines-Niagara Falls, ON. Address: Lake St, St. Considering a Lease Takeover? Featured Listing. Winter Tires Included. Langley, BC. Recent Listing. North York, ON.