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The media, for the most part, don't help, driven by the hour news cycle and the pursuit of advertising dollars into a frenzy of click-bait and shallow sensationalism. Eureka Street offers an alternative. It's less a magazine than a wide ranging conversation about the issues that matter in our country and our world; a conversation marked by respect for the dignity of ALL human beings.

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Importantly, it's a conversation that takes place in the open, unhindered by paywalls or excessive advertising. And it's through the support of people like you that it is able to do so. Imagine what it is like having an daughter with an intellectual disability who has no sense of the value of money. With the calm voice of rationality she has lost a lot of money.

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These people don't call themselves merciless predators but just following the rules of the transaction. Tom Stuart 09 June Pretty sure the devil is a senior bureaucrat, laughing all the way to the bank.

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Lisa 10 June Ellena, your beautiful story of entrapment stopped me in my tracks this morning. At least your predicament inspired your creativity, and yes also the misery. Lynne Bliss 10 June Ellena hang in there. I bring you a story of long term victory over bureaucrats.

Long ago well over 50 years ago!! She entered the carpark not realising how much it would cost her to leave. She too protested. Then she took me to the local free art gallery, where to my narrowminded horror she broke a large chunk off a display cactus. I told her moralistic prat that I was that the wages of sin were only a little less than death.

The small piece of cactus grew up to be the best, most flourishing cactus in her collection.

Probably lived until she died 40 years later And I am not the moralistic prat I once was. Though I don't like cacti. Last time I looked the Car Park sign describing early bird parking it was clear that you needed to stay until after a specified time. Mike 10 June In cities that are big enough for the Wilson empire to thrive, if ever you get caught by the fine print and, if big if!

And sushi rolls will tide you over better and cheaper than soup in a cafe.

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MargaretC 10 June Wilson Parking, Transfield, Mammon We need a Fiona Patten to crusade against wrong religion instead of right. Or maybe we just need to do it ourselves, as Ellena does in this article. Joan Seymour 10 June I wonder if the Parousia will be delayed before the people of Victoria are told the secrets of the 'Commercial in Confidence' that the Kennett Government did with Transfield, Wilsons Parking and Sky Bus to keep a rail link to Tullamarine from happening for what, fifty years?

It seems that Mr Andrews has found out. David Timbs 10 June In effect, imprisoned so cough up! I don't think you ought to be respectful to this crowd, their operators and their owners.

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Action is needed. Graeme 11 June Ellena, one of your many complaints was about 'an artist friend [who] was thrown under the bus for protesting her municipal government's suspension of democracy'. In this update: - Booking again is now easier with smarter suggested times - Tap and hold the Wilson Parking app icon from the home screen to quickly book again - Change your password without leaving the app - And other improvements and bug fixes.

I use the Wilson app to book parking near my office every now and then. The smart features like suggesting to switch to using my Wilson One card for access rather than my credit card was very useful.

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Well done to the product team. From the outset, forced change of my existing password takes three attempts of the same password to reset. Great job guys, but using your customers for beta testing went out a long time ago. Thanks for your feedback and apologies you have encountered issues when using the app. It sounds like we may need to manually complete your registration. This is a wonderful app and easy to navigate around fur bookings etc.

One glitch I found is not being able to connect the MyerOne loyalty program in with the booking on the mobile device. I have entered the MyerOne details on the desk top version however if doesn't seem to appear when a booking is made via a mobile device. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description The new Wilson Parking app makes car parking fast and easy. Size Category Travel.